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Hello to my fellow Blue Knight DE1 members. I want to wish all of you and your families a very Heathy, Happy and Prosperous New Year for 2019.

So far our late fall and early winter weather hasn’t been too brutal temperature wise. For you hard core winter riders I know your heated riding gear is really getting a true workout and I hope your gear is working well. When I’m healthy I now ride up until the first salt and sand get put down on our roadways. Then I’m done until the last snow falls and the salt and sand get washed away by the rain. I just can’t handle the frigid cold anymore with all these replaced joints.

For those of you still riding please use caution out there. I’m sure once this very long cold spell breaks, we will have some above freezing days, but the nights will still get pretty cold. This can present that nasty “ice” forming on roadways especially in the morning where water may be on the roadway. Be very aware of bridges or any roadway where there might be metal grating. This surface will freeze very quickly and become very treacherous. Whether its day or night be very watchful for what’s known as Black Ice. This will put you down on the ground before you even realize you’re down. Also dress properly as you don’t want to experience hypothermia while riding a two wheeler. For those of us not riding for several months and patiently waiting for spring I would suggest the below. Even you hard core riders should check this site out. They are always updating it with new info and material.

I would encourage our members to spend some time on the Motorcycle Safety Foundation web site for some interesting and helpful information pertaining to motorcycle riders and their safety. The web site is www.msf-usa.org. MSF does a great job of providing training information and practices for riders. I think you will find the web site quite informative. Spend some of that time you would normally be riding reading up on safe riding practices and articles. Hopefully, we can start putting them to good use in March if Mother Nature cooperates.

If any of our members have any requests for information on specific areas of riding safely just let me know so we can discuss them at one of our meetings or even by group email. Stay warm and “come on spring!”

Bruce Taylor / Safety Officer / Blue Knights DE 1 October 9, 2019